The Legacy Continues

Sahar Haji

Sahar Haji is a world-renowned hair and make-up designer who has changed the expectations and raised the bar in the beauty industry.

Asia Trend Awards in 2014

Her creative and distinct work has led her to be invited to the Asia Trend Awards in 2014, where she won the 1st place award for the top hair designer between 48 countries. 


Miss Universe Canada: Hair & Makeup Designer

Sahar Haji was furthermore invited to work as one of the hair and makeup designers in Miss Universe beauty pageant in Miami. Invitations were extended to her for the Cannes film festival, as well as the Oscars and Grammy’s. 


Miss Universe 2014

Miss Universe is one of the most important and publicized beauty pageants in the world. Over 15 million people around the world watch the pageant annually. Sahar was honoured to style the hair of two of the eighty-eight delegates, Miss Ukraine and Miss COUNTRY.

Miss Persia Awards

The Miss Persian Awards is a platform to support and encourage prominent Persian talents in the fields of cinema, music and modeling. Sahar is delighted to be involved in a competition that highlights the strengths and gifts of young women. Sahar was responsible for the make-up and hair design on the competitors and judges in the 2017 Miss Persia Awards. Sahar also participated as one of the judges. The Miss Persia format is unique as the winner is selected by the panel of judges and the viewing audience who vote online and via the Miss Persia Awards app.

Celebrity Clients and Collaborations

Sahar has gained international respect in the modeling, fashion and entertainment industries. She has collaborated with Hollywood designer Rocky Gathercole, international designer Mona Al Mansoor and Canadian designer Maya Habre Carbin. She finds inspiration by attending the Oscars 2014, Dolce&Gabbana 2016, Tom Ford 2016, TIFF 2015, 16 and 17, and the Grammy Awards 2015.

Premium Hair Extensions

She has also brought her own line of premium hair extensions to the industry that can be colored and bleached without any discoloration or damage to the hair, as well as creating both hair pieces and outfits for many of her high-end clients who demand nothing but the best! Soon to be launched. 

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SH Boutique Salon

Conveniently located in North York, SH Boutique Salon offers the creativity, expertise and luxury that is usually associated with the world’s best hair salons in New York, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles.

Why SH Boutique

SH Boutique Salon offers the experience of being treated like a celebrity; luxurious treatments, award-winning stylists, glamorous make-up, flattering hair design, and an opulent setting, all at an affordable price. 

Book Your Event

The salon is available for rent for parties, fashion shows and photo shoots. SH Boutique Salon also offers event design and management services led by Sahar.